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Taking pride in being a part of one of the most renowned universities in China with its history of more than 120 years, Lifelong Education College adheres to the Party's education policy of fostering virtue through education and persist in building up the Global Innovative Curricular System, which is backed by SJTU's academic strength and consistent with the standards of world-famous universities. The college delves into the country's emerging strategic industries and scientific frontier, serving the country's innovation-driven development strategy and establishing the Global Innovative Institute. The college strives to develop an integrative, innovative and internationalized multi-subject life-long education system focusing on the frontier of international scientific research, the economic key zone, the critical national demands and the general public's health care.

Taking training as the interface between college and social services, Lifelong Education College gradually promotes the system service model of providing consultation for enterprises and institutions, forming industry think tanks by summarizing and promoting the consultation, and finally providing global solutions. The college works on the global CEO, new consumption, organizational empowerment, business management, civil servants, talent development, cadre training, public management, economic management, industrial innovation, international education and other non-degree education sectors, and has established an education system serving the "future entrepreneurs and the future of entrepreneurs". Through the "Smart Learning Hosting System", relying on the big data platform and "Super Timetable", the college will create a four-dimensional teaching innovation and training system of "testing", "learning", "practice" and "examination". From "brand output" to "model output", we will build a whole industry chain and life cycle education service platform covering the whole country of learning, communication and resource sharing, create a global innovative curriculum system, and deepen the construction of education ecological chain.

The curriculum system has been constantly improved, and the intensive courses of non-degree education for the society have been polished. Over the years, the college has been developing multi-disciplinary professional courses, and been committed to gathering global high-quality educational service resources, focusing on industrial innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, design innovation and other directions. Benchmarking against MIT 2450 top-notch courses, we are committed to building a global innovation top-notch course system. The curriculum assessment system of "one lesson, one evaluation" and "one teacher, one evaluation" will be implemented to improve and improve the teaching quality in real time, to assist the university's "double first-class" construction, and to contribute to the construction of a lifelong education system for the whole people and a learning society.

Based on SJTU but not limited to SJTU, our teaching staff has steadily been expanding. Relying on 5A+ advantageous disciplines, 28 research institutes, and 8 key laboratories at SJTU, the college's non-degree education teaching faculty is mainly composed of college teachers, well-known experts and scholars, industry specialists, and professional lecturers, supplied by academicians, Changjiang scholars, winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 10,000 talents and national first-class course leaders, which forms a multi-level, diversified and multi-field teaching faculty, and enriches the faculty pool of the college. The college strictly abides by the principle of "one-vote veto of teachers' Ethics and Ethos" to ensure the teaching quality of non-degree education at SJTU.

Committed to providing high-quality teaching services to the society and consolidating the teaching quality control system, the college implements the teaching management mode which combines teaching system and process, teaching operation and supervision. The whole process of creating teaching plans, implementing teaching programs and giving the feedback from teaching evaluation is under supervision. We will carry out real-time evaluation of the whole teaching process and give feedback from multiple dimensions of teaching staff, students, and class teachers to improve service quality.

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