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1. Carbon Neutrality and Industrial Innovation Center
The center actively responds to the national "dual carbon" strategic goal, plays the role of the college as a platform for gathering high-end think tanks, technologies, and industry linkages, and provides local governments, enterprises, financial institutions, etc. with training, management consulting, industrial Think Tanks and Integrated Solutions.
Name: Yuan Jingni
Title: Director
Mobile: 13501984485

2. Leading Talents and Development Innovation Center
The center focuses on the high-end cultivation and training of high-level talents of national ministries, regions and industry leaders. Based on customized training in the direction of senior executives of enterprises and institutions, bank and financial managers, etc., it develops and innovates education and training services and integrated talent cultivation and empowerment solutions. .
Name: Jin Lan
Title: Director

3. Career Education Empowerment and Innovation Center
The center has the courage to undertake the mission of cultivating high-level vocational education talents for the country's economic and social construction and development, coordinating resources from universities, governments, enterprises and industries, and learning from the German dual system production and education integration model to build vocational education and education with Chinese characteristics. The ecological system of coordinated industrial development provides educational support for the country to cultivate more high-quality technical and technical talents, skilled craftsmen, and craftsmen of great powers.

4. Higher Education Management Enhancement and Innovation Center
Taking the opportunity of my country's higher education in a critical period of connotation development, quality improvement and reform, the center will create a curriculum system of ideological and political and ideological and political courses through open courses, workshops, customized internal training, theme forums and other training forms, and build institutions of higher learning. The non-academic education and training system to improve the professional ability of teaching and management personnel improves the quality of teaching and management personnel in colleges and universities, promotes the innovative development of higher education teaching and management, and better serves the central work of talent training in colleges and universities.
Name: Ye Yan
Title: Director
Mobile: 13816292018
Email: mariayeyan@sjtu.edu.cn

5. Industry Innovation Center
The center has long been committed to industry subdivision research, resource optimization and integration, business innovation and expansion, product deep cultivation and precipitation, providing customized courses for personnel training and special subject cooperation for central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, governments, well-known enterprises and other enterprises and institutions, and building industry and industrial chain management Practical training platform, providing a full range of learning services for enterprises, institutions and individuals.
Name: Hui Xiaodan
Title: Director
Mobile: 18116223559

6. Global CEO Innovation Center
Aiming at industrial innovation, the center focuses on technological innovation, management innovation, design innovation, etc., to help enterprises gain knowledge and empower innovation. Strive to build a global innovative curriculum system, benchmark international famous schools, and create a global paradigm of non-academic education with Chinese characteristics.
Name: Zhang Ning
Position: Director (part-time)
Tel: 021-62830118
Mobile: 18602168777
Email: zhangning0517@sjtu.edu.cn

7. Smart Retail and Supply Chain Innovation Center
The center has long focused on the field of smart retail and supply chain innovation, focusing on industrial innovation, providing the society with professional, forward-looking, pragmatic and innovative industry development information, and at the same time carrying out relevant senior talent training, special subject research and corporate customized course training services.
Name: Qin Yuli
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62839041
Mobile: 13916439207
Email: summer-qin2021@sjtu.edu.cn

8. New Consumption and Industrial Integration Innovation Center
The center develops products around the innovation hotspots, industrial layout and future trends of the new consumer industry, and takes diversified training as the starting point to realize the whole chain empowerment from individuals to enterprises, enterprises to industries, and industries to industries.
Name: Diao Xiaojuan
Title: Director
Tel: 021-52580800
Mobile: 13524321677
Email: diaoxiaojuan@sjtu.edu.cn

9. Government Officials Training and Innovation Center
The center takes the promotion of lifelong education as its original intention, fully integrates the high-quality resources in the Yangtze River Delta region, exerts the support function of decision-making "think tank", and is committed to providing innovative, forward-looking and systematic all-round training for party and government cadres and cadres of enterprises and institutions Program and consulting services, serving social and economic development and cadre team building.
Name: Cao Congli
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62933182
Mobile: 13816781651
Email: caocl@sjtu.edu.cn

10. Public Management and Innovation Center
Adhering to the mission of "cultivating outstanding public management talents", the center gathers high-end software and hardware facilities and resources in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region, takes the pursuit of quality as the guiding ideology, and implements customized products around industrial innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, design innovation and other fields. Cadre talent training solutions, build an integrated platform of "production, learning, research, and use", and are committed to providing high-quality courses and management services for the innovative development of party and government cadres, enterprises and institutions in various places.
Name: Li Bi
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62932055
Mobile: 13816017813
Email: libi@sjtu.edu.cn

11. Economic Management and Innovation Center
The center serves national strategies and local economic and social development. It takes B-side training, open courses, and online training as its main business development types, and takes training (training) consulting (consultation) integration and innovation as its main business development method. "Ming" high-quality development route.
Name: Gan Feng
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62933467
Mobile: 18621909907
Email: ganfeng@sjtu.edu.cn

12. Strategic Emerging Industry and Innovation Center
The center serves strategic emerging industries, focuses on the national strategy of digital transformation, takes the all-round empowerment of industrial digitalization as the core, and uses cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies as the carrier, focusing on "high-end, sophisticated and advanced technology". "Lack of" professional and technical personnel to carry out multi-dimensional and multi-level professional trainings such as digital transformation strategy, innovative thinking, knowledge update, technology application, etc., and also carry out the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, intelligent vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, rural revitalization, carbon neutrality and carbon peaking and other related training.
Name: Wang Yan
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62932810
Mobile: 18930084660
Email: wangyan8383@sjtu.edu.cn

13. International Education and Innovation Center
Relying on the strong faculty of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the cutting-edge school-running concept, the center integrates advanced teaching systems and high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, and cultivates students who can study and work efficiently in a global multicultural environment, and grow rapidly in a changing environment to meet social needs. international talent.
Name: Xia Shuyi
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62934120
Email: syxia@sjtu.edu.cn

14. Rural Vitalization and Government-Corporation Collaboration Innovation Center
In response to the rural revitalization strategy, the center cooperates with the government and enterprises, and conducts in-depth cooperation with the Shanghai Domestic Cooperation and Exchange Center to jointly build a new model of school-government-enterprise coordinated development with a new ecological pattern of innovation and new measures for the transformation of achievements, and create a talent training system for rural revitalization. Provide various consulting and training services in the field of rural revitalization, and build a scientific and technological innovation system for colleges and universities to support rural revitalization.
Name: Chen Shijie
Title: Director
Tel: 021—62932500
Mobile: 13916048693
Email: chenshijie@sjtu.edu.cn

15. International Exchange and Innovation Center
In response to the national "One Belt, One Road" policy and the call for internationalized school running, the center actively carries out a series of "bringing in" international exchange and innovation projects that promote Chinese culture and demonstrate China's advantages.
Name: Zhai Ying
Title: Director
Tel: 021-62932503
Email: zhaiying@sjtu.edu.cn

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