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Institute of Chinese Commercial Development


Institute of China Commercial Development (ICCD) under SJTU Lifelong Education College, is a a non-profit scientific research and exchange institution integrating government, business and university, which summarizes the historical experience of the industry development, guides the current industry into healthy development, effectively predicts the development trend of the industry, and fully serves the social economy.
ICCD aims to adhere to the global research perspective, the concept of serving the social economy and the principle of integrating theory with practice, to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, to promote academic democracy, to advocate academic discussion, to build open research exchange platform, to provide in-depth information of commercial development, to conduct research related to business model and macro-economy, and aspires to become a leading commercial research and development institution in China.

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Address:No. 535, Fahua Town Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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